The St. Andrews Society of Panama and its members welcome all Scots and Scots descendents as well as those who enjoy or have an interest in Scotland and Scottish culture. Scottish country dancing is popular and is practiced regularly.



 St. Andrew’s Panama Revival

The Pana
ma St. Andrews Society would like to invite all Scots, Scottish descendants, as well as people interested in Scottish culture & Scottish country dancing to join us at Rincon Aleman Restaurant at 7pm on the second  Tuesday of every month.

The Rincon Aleman Restaurant is located on Calle 51 (same street as Las Tinajas Restaurant). For directions contact us at:


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Our vision is to see Scotland at the heart of a global Tartan Day celebration bringing to the world’s attention our creativity, our innovation, our heritage and our business success.

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A Rebirth

The St. Andrew's Society of Panama has resumed activities after a 10 year quiet period. A group of the onetime members have got together with the intention of the revival of the society which stopped operating in the late 90’s. The Society has remained true to its original roots and has resumed it's Scottish country dancing practices, presentations on Scottish history, as well as more formal events such as Burns Night in January, The Highland Games in August and the St Andrews ball in November plus a Ceilidh (pronounced “kay-lee”) or two throughout the year.

In years passed the society used to meet at the British Ambassador’s residence twice a month for dance practices and the other events were held at different venues around Panama City.

Scotland and Panama share a piece of history. In 1698 an expedition led by Scotsman William Paterson established the colony of Caledonia on the Atlantic coast of Panama in an area which is still known today as “ Punta Escoses” (Scottish Point) in the Darien jungle. Today the ruins lie within the San Blas Indian reservation. A fort was built and named St Andrews Fort. The venture by the “Company of Scotland” was plagued by many set backs and in the end the settlement was abandoned. The society has arranged or been involved with at least two expeditions down to explore the site of the former colony.
In 1998 a group of members led by Don Taylor the then Chieftain of the society and Stewart Redwood went down to “Punta Escoses” to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the venture. This year marks the 310th anniversary of the ill fated attempt at colonization. Perhaps a trip is in order?

In the late 1990s the society saw a drop in members as US military presence in Panama wound down towards the handing over of the bases and finally the Panama Canal on December 30th 1999. As a result the society ceased to function because a large drop in numbers of its members who were relocated elsewhere. However there are still a few of the one time members and Chieftains in the country who would like to see the society up and running again. It is hoped that with the recent influx of expatriates to Panama, enough interest can be drummed up to revive the society to its former glory. Scots and Scottish descendants are welcome as well as anyone else interested in Scottish culture or participating in the Scottish Country Dancing and other activities.

To this effect we will be meeting at 8pm at the Rincon Aleman Restaurant on calle 51(Same street as las Tinajas Restaurant) on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month. The gathering will be first and foremost to meet, have a good time (over a few drams), to register new members and have a bit of a dance if you are that way inclined. If you would like to attend, or have any questions you can contact us at info@standrewspanama.com . We look forward to seeing at the Rincon Aleman.